AmpFlow Motors

AmpFlow motors are designed to deliver the highest level of performance possible in a brushed DC motor. This is achieved by advanced multi-pole design and the use of neodymium rare-earth magnet materials.

Electronic Motor Controllers

AmpFlow Electronic Motor Controllers are designed to work with the AmpFlow motors. They provide simple, high-power, variable-speed, forward and reverse motor control.

Power Supplies

AmpFlow motors and controllers can be used with batteries in vehicles, robots, or other mobile applications. They can also be used in industrial machinery or other stationary applications with our high-current power supplies.


AmpFlow has developed several gearmotors including low-cost, high-torque reducers, high-precision planetary gearmotors, and compact, low-speed motors with high reduction ratios. Use these gear motors when lower speed and higher torque are required.

These motors and controllers are used in diverse applications including robots, industrial motion control, factory automation, semiconductor manufacturing, educational projects, and motorized scooters, go-karts, and electric bicycles.