AmpFlow Gearmotors

AmpFlow's unique speed reducers are a low-cost alternative to the expensive gearheads available today. These gear motors have reduction ratios ranging from 1:4 to 1:27.

Planetary Gearmotors

For high precision and low backlash, nothing beats planetary gearmotors. Available with optical encoders for accurate positioning.

Low Speed/High Torque Gearmotors

AmpFlow has developed this compact gearmotor with a 1:150 reduction ratio for applications that require extreme torque at low speed (30 RPM).

Larger Gearmotors

This heavy-duty gearmotor features a large output shaft suspended in two big 2.5-inch bearings for applications requiring heavy loads. The 4-inch diameter, 500W motor has a built-in fan for all-day operation.

These motors and controllers are used in diverse applications including robots, industrial motion control, factory automation, semiconductor manufacturing, educational projects, and motorized scooters, go-karts, and electric bicycles.