AmpFlow WheelMotors

The AmpFlow Wheel/Gearmotor combinations can be configured with your choice of six different wheel sizes, 14 different motors, and four different reduction ratios.

The high-traction solid rubber wheels are 1.5 inches wide, and they range in diameter from 4 inches to 10 inches. The big pneumatic 12.5-inch wheel pictured on the left is 2.75 inches wide.

The wheels have a custom hub that is keyed to the 3/4-inch shaft of the speed reducer. The wheel is assembled with 1/4-inch keys and held in place by two steel discs and a spacer. The whole assembly is held together by a 5/16-18 screw that threads directly into the shaft.

This combination of high power, high traction, and light weight make these wheels ideal for robots and other mobile applications.

Wheel Speed

This chart shows the speed (in MPH) for each wheel/motor/reducer combination.

Click the tabs to see the different reduction ratios.

1:4 Reduction
1:8 Reduction
1:16 Reduction
1:27 Reduction
Wheel E30-400-12-WM8 E30-150-12-WM8 E30-400-24-WM8 E30-150-24-WM8 E30-400-48-WM8 E30-150-48-WM8
4-inch 8.9 8.1 7.8 7.7 7.9 7.7
5-inch 11.1 10.1 9.8 9.6 9.9 9.6
6-inch 13.3 12.1 11.7 11.5 11.9 11.5
8-inch 17.8 16.1 15.6 15.3 15.9 15.3
10-inch 22.2 20.2 19.5 19.2 19.8 19.2
12.5-inch 27.8 25.2 24.4 24.0 24.8 24.0
Wheel A28-400-WM8 A28-150-WM8 F30-400-WM8 F30-150-WM8 A28-400-F48-WM8 A28-150-F48-WM8
4-inch 6.7 8.3 6.2 9.4 8.8 10.1
5-inch 8.4 10.4 7.7 11.8 10.9 12.7
6-inch 10.1 12.5 9.2 14.2 13.1 15.2
8-inch 13.4 16.7 12.3 18.9 17.5 20.3
10-inch 16.8 20.9 15.4 23.6 21.9 25.3
12.5-inch 21.0 26.1 19.2 29.5 27.4 31.6

The speeds shown above are for the motor's nominal voltage. If a lower or higher speed is required, the motors can be used at lower or higher voltages. The RPM is proportional to the voltage, so running at half the nominal voltage will result in half the speed, and twice the voltage will double the speed. The maximum achievable torque is also proportional to the voltage. Shorter duty cycles are recommended for higher voltages to allow the motors time to cool. Ideally, the top speed of the WheelMotor would match the maximum speed required in an application when any electronic speed controls are set to full throttle.

Here are our recommendations regarding the selection of an ideal reduction ratio.

WheelMotors With the E30-150 Motors

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4-inch WheelMotor

5-inch WheelMotor

6-inch WheelMotor

8-inch WheelMotor

10-inch WheelMotor

12.5-inch WheelMotor

Select any motor, wheel, and reduction ratio combination to get the best balance of power, speed, and price. Please see the Motors page for more information on our motors and visit the Speed Reducer page for more details on our custom gearheads. You can also use the order form below to order wheels separately (without motors).

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