The MCP motor controller is feature-packed and customizable. Use it out of the box as a simple plug-and-play controller, or take advantage of its advanced motion control scripting language. The scripting language is based on an easy-to-use variant of BASIC, and it gives complete control over the motor controller's functions, including changes to I/O and system settings. It supports 32-bit integer and floating-point math, 32-bit variables, arrays, conditional statements, and more. Scripts are created and debugged from within the free Motion Studio application. The MCP's high degree of customization enables it to run as a stand-alone controller or integrate into any system.

The MCP can be configured for closed or open-loop modes. A wide range of closed-loop sensors is supported, including potentiometers, absolute encoders, accelerometers, gyros, and more.

This motor controller includes several user-definable I/Os, which make the integration of limit switches, homing switches, and other devices possible. In addition, I2C and SPI are supported to connect external sensors. The MCP program language and mix of user-controlled I/O eliminate the need for a secondary interface system in many applications.

MCP can be controlled from CANOpen, USB, RC radio, serial devices, analog, PLCs, and microcontrollers such as an Arduino or Raspberry Pi. It can also be networked as slave or master using CANOpen.

The MCP's regenerative braking will recharge a battery when decelerating and braking. A lithium cutoff mode protects batteries and power supplies from excessive regenerative voltages.

Control via:

User's Manual

Motion Studio

MCP Dual Motor Controller - $269

Speed Adjuster

  • This speed adjuster plugs into the radio control inputs of the motor controllers.
  • It is a quick and easy way to send control signals to the motor controllers without the need for an RC transmitter or receiver.
  • Turn the knob to control the motors from full forward to full reverse or anywhere in-between.

AmpFlow Speed Adjuster - $20

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